Abkhazian Ajika

Ajika is a hot, spicy, appetizing pepper paste from the region of Abkhazia. Its concentrated flavor and wonderful taste will amaze all the spicy food lovers.


  • 300 g Red hot chilli pepper flakes
  • 100 g Garlic, mashed
  • 100 g Blue fenugreek, ground
  • 35 g Coriander seeds, ground
  • 15 g Dried savory, ground
  • 150 g Salt
  • 100 ml Sunflower oil
  • 400 ml Water


  1. Put all spices, garlic and salt in a bowl and mix well with spatula or use kitchen plastic gloves. Pour oil and continue to stir. Add water little by little and combine well.

  2. Put ajika in a glass jar and store it in a fridge. You can use ajika in soups and other dishes, add to butter and grease a chicken or pork with it before frying. Enjoy!

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